Best Laptop 2014-2015 

 best laptops 2014-2015  

consumer reports best laptops 2014-2015


Best Laptop 2014 - 2015 

The best laptop for 2014 may hold some special surprises for the consumer. There are a couple of neat new selling points that are going to really set some laptops apart from others. Laptops have really taken off as the preferred choice of computing according to consumer reports. 

Business and home users have adopted laptops as their primary computing source initially for the convenience which still plays a huge role in why people make these machines their primary choice but it is certainly not the only reason. 

Laptops for 2014-2015 can do just about anything a full size desktop can do. As a matter of fact in many cases the laptop can do it better! 

The best laptop of 2014-2015 is going to be able to sync all your electronics. Think phone apps on a larger service. Windows 8 is the primary OS on most systems except for the Apple range of laptops. The new Windows OS is easier than ever to use and which makes most of the newer models a great investment. 

Best Laptop 2014 – 2015 Price Range

The best laptops of 2014-2015 are going to be a mid-priced machine that offers the most bells and whistles. Luckily the cost of laptops has literally plumeted over the years which makes what was once high range machines very affordable. 

The laptop is going to have to be competitively priced regardless what bells and whistles are being offered. You can easily find an affordable product that can give you the options you need without breaking your budget according to the consumer reports we have read. 

 Some Options 

There are some brands that are coming out with some exciting possibilities so choosing the laptop that is the best  is going to be a challenge. A safe choice is a choice from a well-known brand that has stood the test of time. 


A little comparison shopping can go a long way in deciding with laptop is right for your computing needs. Look for familiar names like Apple, Dell, Acer. Compact and surprisingly Gateway. 

Dell offers one of the most affordable options for 2014-2015 laptops. Dell was suffering from a bad rap for a little while because of their not so great customer care so we will see if they make up for any of that bad business this year. 


Apple never ceases to amaze, however they are still quite expensive but according to the users they are well worth the cost. Apple has some really fine apps that would easily propel it to the best laptop of 2014-2015 if it were more affordable.

Compact, Acer are about neck in neck when it comes to their laptop models. The price point is similar the features are similar and they both produce dependable machines. 

Final Words

The prediction for the best laptop 2014-2015 is that consumers are going to have a hard time deciding with a variety of well-known brands to choose from. 




















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